[Exploring Korean Culture] (MOMO CAMP) Summer Camp Partnerships to Create Unique Experiential Learning Opportunities

January 26, 2024
[Exploring Korean Culture] (MOMO CAMP) Summer Camp Partnerships to Create Unique Experiential Learning Opportunities

There’s a reason study abroad programs and gap years are so popular among young people. Because it’s one thing to learn about a country’s language, culture, and history from a book. And it’s another thing entirely to experience it firsthand, up close and personal.

In other words, experiential learning doesn’t just teach, it transforms. And now this kind of immersive, life-changing travel experience is available for the first time to children of Korean heritage ages 10 to 13.

Momo Camp is a month-long boarding camp in Seoul where third-culture kids can experience Korea, in a safe and supportive learning environment and surrounded by their peers. For many campers, it will be their first opportunity to truly explore their heritage and begin to ask and answer questions about how Korea fits into their identity.

But with a place as rich in history and culture as Korea, how to decide what makes it onto the 24-day camp schedule? For this, Momo Camp is partnering with top organizations to create a curriculum centered on exciting experiential learning that encourages campers to step outside their comfort zones and try new things.

The camp’s Korean language learning program, for instance, is made possible through a partnership with ChatENG, a company co-founded by Sam Paik, the founder of MoMo Camp. ChatENG is a school-based solution for live virtual language classes. The company’s language teachers are currently based all over the world and teach 9 different languages to middle and high school students across the US.

Campers will also enjoy temple stays at Yongmunsa, including in-depth tours of Bongeunsa, and access to national heritage treasures such as the Tripitaka Koreana in Haeinsa,

(봉은사 문화강좌 , 출처 : 봉은사 홈페이지)

(봉은사 문화강좌 , 출처 : 봉은사 홈페이지)

Momo Camp isn’t only about diving into the past, however. Many of the camp’s activities are focused on contemporary Korean culture. One that’s sure to be a highlight is the K-Pop program created with SolPlus Project HQ, a K-Pop incubation studio that has discovered and trained some of the industry’s biggest and brightest stars such as Girl’s Generation’s Taeyeon, SHINee’s Onew, EXO’s Kai, and many more.

(솔플러스 쇼케이스 , 자료 제공 : 솔플러스 프로젝트 HQ)

(봉은사 문화강좌 , 출처 : 봉은사 홈페이지)

According to Paik, more partnership announcements will follow, many of these related to cultural content, special access to heritage sights, and collaborations for marketing the camp throughout the world.

Campers have the support and supervision of experienced teachers and counselors, who have been selected from the top schools of education such as Harvard, Columbia, and UCLA and carefully vetted for their commitment and experience.

With such a thoughtfully designed curriculum, highly qualified staff, and unique partnerships, the Momo Camp experience is shaping up to be one campers will never forget.

For more information on Momo Camp and to apply for the summer 2024 session, visit www.momocamp.org.

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