[Groovworks] Groovworks launches Avatalk, a new SaaS service for character creators “The very first solution in the industry to better promote characters by creating a character-specific profile page”

January 5, 2024

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Groovworks is a startup specializing in AI content with innovations in content users experience and communication using cutting-edge technologies. Founded in 2020, the company is now entering its fourth year. The startup’s first offering was Pagetalk, a service that enhances user convenience by applying web UI to an AI chatbot. This was followed by the rollout of A-Squat, an AI home-training app utilizing AI motion recognition technology. The company’s solutions strengthen user experience to make AI technology more user-friendly.

This year the startup launched Avatalk. The service grew out of challenges faced by character creators. People have heard the news that the Korean character market is worth 20 trillion won and growing at an annual rate of 10 percent, with some creators earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. However, in reality, such successful figures are extremely few, less than 5 percent of all creators. Most make only about a thousand dollars a month. In addition, because many platforms prefer to work only with already-established characters, ordinary creators have to produce and promote their goods by themselves, leaving them little time to focus on creative work.

Here is the point where Avatalk kicks in, helping creators introduce their characters efficiently and effectively. Developed using Chatbot Builder AI, the service links character-specific profiles, allowing creators to provide dynamic conversations and introduce their characters. It is also a SaaS service where users can make changes to conversation context, images, and content at any time. Avatalk World, a game-like community service, went live together with Avatalk, enabling users to adopt creators’ characters as avatars and allowing fans to experience characters and related content. As of November 27, 2023, the number of creators using Avatalk was 534 and the company aims to increase the number to 1,000 by the end of the year.

Next year, Groovworks plans to build an Avatalk platform for launch in 2025. It will allow various fan activities using generative AI technology and introduce a new concept of digital character goods reaching beyond existing emojis to help creators enter overseas markets. To this end, Avatalk will go global next year. The company seeks to bring in more global creators and make the Avatalk platform a global character playground over the next year, where characters and fans around the world interact with each other.

Groovworks CEO Kim Changkyeom expressed his passion by stating, “I received honest feedback about the Avatalk service and listened to the needs of character creators by hosting a contest and joining several trade fairs this year. Thanks to their input, we were able to provide more practical services to creators.



Groovworks, specializing in AI content, has launched Avatalk and Avatalk World to help character creators address their economic difficulties and work more efficiently. Avatalk is an AI chatbot-driven service that introduces characters more efficiently and effectively, while Avatalk World enables users to readily transform characters into avatars and experience characters and related content. The startup aims to secure 1,000 Avatalk creators by the end of the year and next year plans to enter global markets and to build a new platform, where digital goods of character IP can be traded and where fans can root for their favorite characters using generative AI.


Person in Charge: Noh Changbeom

PIC Contact no: 010-9966-8187