(Korea Exploring promising companies) [FutureMain] Predictive Maintenance Solution, Powered by a 37-Year Accumulated Database, Implemented at a Battery Cell Plant in the USA.

January 1, 2024

[FutureMain] The ExRBM solution

[FutureMain] The ExRBM solution

In September 2023, FutureMain successfully implemented its Optimal Machine Management&Predictive Maintenance Solution ExRBM(Expert Reliability Based Maintenance Solution) at the Ultium Cells LCC’s US plant in Rosetown, Ohio. ExRBM is a smart factory AI analysis solution that monitors machinery in real time, automatically detecting and alerting technicians of early-stage faults. This installation on battery cell production lines at Ultium Cells’ Ohio plant marks FutureMain’s initial entry into the US manufacturing market. Ultium Cells LCC is a joint venture between LG Energy Solution, a Korean rechargeable battery manufacturer, and General Motors of the United States to produce battery cells for GM’s next-generation electric vehicles.

[FutureMain] the Ultium Cells LCC’s US plant in Rosetown, Ohio

[FutureMain] The Ultium Cells Plant

FutureMain’s ExRBM, a predictive maintenance solution, utilizes advanced Information and Communication Technology (ICT) along with 37 years of accumulated big data in noise and vibration analysis to facilitate swift diagnostics and optimal management of machinery. This technology, featuring automatic diagnostic algorithms and the capacity to identify up to 85 different faults, positions the solution at the forefront of smart factory innovation, granting FutureMain a significant competitive advantage on a global scale.

The ExRBM solution is primarily utilized in sectors facing significant downtime losses, including power plants, petrochemical, heavy industry, energy, and battery manufacturing. It is also versatile in the defense sector, logistics, automotive production, shipbuilding, marine industry, and the manufacturing of food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. Available in both on-premise and cloud-based SaaS models, ExRBM demonstrates its adaptability. Additionally, FutureMain has expanded its ExRBM-powered product range to include ExRBM AR+, an augmented reality-enhanced facility maintenance platform, and ExRBM Portable+, a portable vibration analyzer for mechanical data.

ExRBM, developed with FutureMain’s exclusive technology, is drawing global attention. Its technological prowess was confirmed when it won a gold medal and a special award at the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva 2023 in April. In November, Saudi Aramco invited FutureMain to present ExRBM at the IIoT exhibition GIITS 2023 in Saudi Arabia, where many companies showed interest in the solution, leading to signing of technical partnerships. Such an opportunity has served as a turning point for FutureMain to expand in the Middle East. Beginning with the introduction of its predictive maintenance solution in the battery manufacturing plant in the US, the company plans to increase its presence and enter new markets, establishing itself as an essential solution for US manufacturers in their digital transition.

For more detailed information on FutureMain’s predictive maintenance solutions for optimal machinery management, please visit www.futuremain.com.