[Paprika Data Lab Inc] Next-generation form builder SaaS “Walla” officially goes global

January 3, 2024

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Walla, a form builder SaaS, is now available in North America. The service is primarily for businesses who want to customize forms to fit their brand identity or enhance data collection and analysis tasks by linking with their existing tools like Slack and Gmail.

Today, Walla is focused on helping boost productivity and has secured 30,000 active users globally, including LG, the UN, and UNICEF. Recently, companies that previously relied on easily accessible form services have faced issues such as the discontinuation of Naver Form and the restriction of Google Form usage for business purposes. As a result, alternative services are rapidly growing, offering a range of features essential for businesses, including hidden fields, custom ending redirections, and customization of links and colors. These alternatives also provide advanced functionalities that significantly reduce workload and streamline business processes, such as quick analysis of entire text through generative AI and automatic analysis of subjective data.

Walla’s co-founder Youngbum Kim noted, “We want to grow our presence as a data management tool for more efficient internal decision-making” and announced his plan to add new features such as integrating artificial intelligence, automating data flows, and creating dashboards without the need for developers. “More and more companies are using Walla to collect data,” said Yuvin Kim, co-founder of Walla. “In the coming year, we expect to see revenue growth and use of Walla in more than 100 countries worldwide.”

Paprika Data Lab was established in Korea in December 2020 and has drawn investments from Smilegate Investment, The Ventures, and others since receiving its initial investment from Korea Investment Accelerator in December last year. The company ran a booth as Korea’s flagship startup at Slush 2022 in Finland, and in April of this year established a subsidiary in Ottawa, Canada to aggressively expand its business in the North American market. It has signed partnerships with big players such as Google for Startups, Naver Cloud, and KT.

Paprika Data Lab’s global beta service is currently available at https://home.walla.my/en with most features free to use

Paprika Data Lab announces that its form builder service Walla has been officially launched in North America and its global beta service is now available.


Person in Charge: Kim Yubin

PIC Contact no : 010-8541-0625