(Korea Exploring promising companies) [DKMediInfo] Global version release for SMARTNURSE ENR electronic nursing record simulation system

December 29, 2023

DKMediInfo, a pioneering nursing information startup, was established by a former nurse who personally encountered the disparity between academic nursing education and actual clinical practice and was determined to bridge that gap.

At the core of DKMediInfo’s offerings is the SMARTNURSE ENR Global Version, a cutting-edge program enabling nursing students worldwide to engage with the SMARTNURSE cloud-based platform, allowing them to simulate the creation of electronic nursing records in real clinical settings, overcoming constraints of time and location.

The SMARTNURSE ENR Global Version is characterized by the following features:

First, it provides practice scenarios using self-created virtual patient data rather than actual patient data. Customized scenarios can be created to meet the level and requirements of each learner. While using actual patient data raises privacy concerns, the use of self-created virtual patient data eliminates these concerns while providing a realistic and safe learning environment for nurses in training.

Second, the completed nursing records are available to the instructor in real time, allowing for immediate feedback and communication between the learner and instructor. Therefore, learners can experience a variety of conditions and situations to improve their professional nursing skills.

Third, in the nursing records simulation system, students have the flexibility to generate simulated records using NANDA standardized nursing terminology. Furthermore, the platform includes various nursing record formats, such as SOAPIE progress notes, F-DAR Charting, and free-writing records. This allows learners to explore and practice diverse documentation approaches.

Fourth, the nursing records simulation system offers over 50 diverse templates and consent forms, providing an experience similar to real-world hospital practice. Additionally, the program’s regular updates ensure users of a way to continually enhance their professional skills and stay abreast of the latest trends in the field.

According to a recent study, the world could experience a shortage of 13 million nurses by 2030. Moreover, the issue of high resignation rates among nurses is prevalent in various countries, including Korea, the United States, and Japan, creating a harmful cycle of overworked nurses and a shortage of labor. In addressing this challenge, it is anticipated that the SMARTNURSE ENR Global Version will play a significant role in mitigating the difficulties of nurse turnover by offering effective on-the-job training built upon the program’s strengths described above.

In addition, since mid-2023 a project has been underway to develop a nursing diagnosis prediction model using virtual patient data based on nursing record datasets collected through SMARTNURSE ENR.

With research conducted by the College of Nursing of Seoul National University, the College of Medicine of Catholic University of Korea, and the College of Nursing of Ajou University, the datasets or the service are being developed utilizing fine-tuning with NAVER’s HyperCLOVA X API.

Nursing information startup DKMediInfo developed the SMARTNURSE ENR Global Version based on the professional nursing experience of its CEO. Through a cloud-based platform, DKMediInfo provides nursing students worldwide with practical experiences simulating electronic nursing record creation in real clinical settings. Noteworthy features of this system include the utilization of virtual patient data, customized scenario creation, real-time feedback and communication, the application of standardized nursing terminology, and the provision of various forms and consent documents. This program is garnering attention for its introduction of a new direction in nursing education. Additionally, DKMediInfo is currently undertaking a project to develop a nursing diagnosis prediction model using nursing record datasets.