[littlesong music] littlesong music operates POUND, a solution monetizing music IP for content creators

December 25, 2023

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Established by a group of executives with music and IT expertise, littlesong music has been planning, researching, and producing music IP for content for about 13 years. The company aims to allow clients to make free use of background music that suits their content. Using background music IP created in its in-house studio, the company launched BGM Factory in 2019, a platform offering exclusively works made for hire, which clients can use without being constrained by copyright issues. This service was the first of its kind in Korea and currently offers more than 36,000 selections in background music, sound effects, and foley IPs.

The existing content background music market in Korea has been heavily dependent on overseas sources and operated primarily via agencies or brokerage. Due to limitations of music IPs granted through agency contracts, many content producers still experience difficulties caused by music copyright problems. Some had to face inconveniences even after purchasing licenses for the works they used. To address these issues, littlesong music has presented a brand-new business model in this market where a single legal entity directly owns all rights by offering works made for hire, thus preventing potential copyright matters from arising. By doing so, the business has contributed to building a new ecosystem for the domestic background music source content library industry in Korea.

Littlesong music identifies the needs of content creators and content holders regarding various types of music IPs and provides tailored solutions through BGM Factory, a music IP library filled with background music carefully chosen to match each production based on its planning and research. During the process, the company has secured more than 53,000 music IPs, including 36,000 in-house IPs as well as 17,000 K-pop IPs and is generating profits.

Since the roll-out of BGM Factory, the company has beta-launched POUND, a music IP monetization system that offers businesses one-stop service covering IP production, planning, and distribution all in one, calling on its experience in solving various music IP-related complications. It also runs business with many partners via POUND.

Recently, littlesong kicked off Snap Beatz with Korea’s largest TikTok multi-channel network SOON ent. The new platform helps creators and songwriters earn profits using their own musical works and supports the settlement of music sales and payments via its AI sales settlement system POUND.

A littlesong staff member reports, “Using our 13 years of know-how in music IP planning, production, development, and distribution, we provide one-of-a-kind service to various customers via the POUND system and seek to establish ourselves as professionals in music IP settlement, with the aim of allowing clients to use music IP more freely.



Littlesong music has been planning and researching music IP for content for about 13 years with a group of executives pooling their expertise in music and IT technology, and now runs BGM Factory, a platform that provides more than 36,000 IPs of original background music and sound effects content created entirely in-house. Previously Korea’s background music market relied on overseas sources and was dominated by copyright agencies and brokerages working through third-party contracts. Littlesong changed this course for the first time in Korea by supplying works made for hire, meaning that a single legal entity owns all rights and prevents any copyright issues from occurring. This new business model has built a new ecosystem in the domestic background music material content library industry. Recently, based on its experience in solving music IP issues, the company has beta-launched POUND, providing companies with an all-in-one system for music IP production, planning, and distribution, and has been collaborating with various businesses using the system.


Person in charge: Lee Seungwoo

PIC contact: swlee@littlesongmusic.com