[Exploring Korean Culture] (MOMO CAMP) US-Style Summer Camp In Korea Offers Fun, Friendship, and Growth for Third-Culture Kids

January 1, 2024

As families gather this holiday season, one topic likely to get passed around the table along with the galbi and japchae is what to do with the kids this summer?

For Korean-American parents, there’s a new option that they’ve maybe dreamed about but never had access to: MoMo Camp, a US-style summer camp in Korea.

Momo Camp in Korea 2024 / www.momocamp.org

Momo Camp in Korea 2024 / www.momocamp.org

The month-long boarding camp offers a blend of traditional camp activities and immersive cultural experiences unique to Korea. And for pre-adolescent children of Korean heritage who live around the world, it offers something much rarer — a sense of identity and belonging.

That goal of providing a place for third-culture kids to learn about themselves and their Korean roots among a community of their peers is reflected right in the name. The “momo” in MoMo Camp is short for modu moida (모두 모이다), or “everyone gathers.”

Camp Hokukea 2019

Camp Hokukea 2019

Fun is also a top priority. Camp founder Sam Paik says campers can expect to enjoy a range of exciting and character-building activities that define any great camp. Over four weeks, campers will explore new hobbies and passions, make friends from around the world, and build confidence and independence for the next stage of their lives by tackling challenges in a supportive environment. Paik knows firsthand the importance of these experiences for personal growth, having run Camp Hokukea, a successful cultural exchange program in Honolulu, Hawaii, for five years.

For more information on Momo Camp and to apply for the summer 2024 session, visit www.momocamp.org.

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