With new song ‘Ice Cream’ out, BLACKPINK yearns to share stage with Selena Gomez

August 28, 2020

 K-pop girl group BLACKPINK said Friday it looks forward to one day standing on stage with Selena Gomez to perform “Ice Cream,” the band’s latest bubble-gum pop single featuring the American pop singer.

BLACKPINK at 1 p.m. Friday released “Ice Cream,” the second prerelease single from its inaugural studio album, titled “The Album,” announced for this fall. The quartet invited Gomez as a guest singer on the new single.

The first prerelease single “How You Like That” came out in late June and has attracted a huge international buzz, debuting at No. 2 on Spotify’s Global Top 50 chart and its music video on YouTube setting five new Guinness World Records.

“We look forward to singing ‘Ice Cream’ on the same stage with Selena Gomez when we can meet with (the fans) in person,” BLACKPINK said through a press release from the group’s management agency, YG Entertainment.

The new single was co-produced by Teddy, YG’s lead in-house producer, and American producers Tommy Brown and Steve Franks.

A publicity image for the single "Ice Cream" by K-pop group BLACKPINK provided by YG Entertainment on Aug. 28, 2020 (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap)
This photo provided by YG Entertainment on Aug. 28, 2020, shows a physical version of BLACKPINK's upcoming studio album, titled "The Album," to be released in October. (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap)

A publicity image for the single “Ice Cream” by K-pop group BLACKPINK provided by YG Entertainment on Aug. 28, 2020 (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap)

For “Ice Cream,” BLACKPINK has gone in the polar opposite direction from its previous song “How You Like That,” in which the group dabbled in a darker and edgier tone, both visually and musically. This time the four singers have taken on a bright and bully concept, with the video rich in pastel colors heavily featuring ice cream-themed settings.

“When we first heard the melody, it felt as if our mouths became rich with sweet flavors,” the band said. The ladies added that perhaps the song could provide an opportunity for fans to chill out amid the sweltering late summer heat.

Members also shared a sense of satisfaction in their collaboration with Gomez.

“We’re all fans of Selena Gomez. Though we weren’t able to meet up in person, we once again felt the great charm she exuded while communicating on several occasions,” the band said.

According to BLACKPINK, Gomez shared that she was a big fan of the K-pop group.

“We were happy that she told us she was a fan of ours,” the group said. “The final product we produced under the musical synergy with her was very satisfying.”

BLACKPINK’s two prerelease singles are part of a three-tier rollout scheme of the band’s first-ever full-length studio album announced for October. Hence hopes and expectations remain high for “Ice Cream,” especially following the huge global success achieved by “How You Like That.”

YG announced that the upcoming studio album will have four different physical versions, along with a limited version on vinyl. The digital version will be dropped on Oct. 2, followed by the release of the physical albums on Oct. 9.

The full track list has yet to be unveiled, but the band has stated that it has finished recording the album in its entirety.

One of the biggest K-pop girl groups today, BLACKPINK of YG Entertainment landed a successful debut in 2016, storming multiple music charts back to back with its edgy hip-hop tracks “Whistle” and “Boombayah.” Other hits include “Playing With Fire” and “Kill This Love.”