Two arrested for arranging celebrity prostitution

March 4, 2016

By Kim Se-jeong

Police in Seoul arrested two men Friday for allegedly arranging prostitution in Korea and the United States involving celebrity entertainers.

Among the four women involved is said to be a fairly well-known 29-year-old singer, according to Yonhap quoting police. Three others are said to be a trainee-level entertainers and a little known actress.

One of the two men arrested, surnamed Kang, 41, is an ex-convict who finished a jail term in February last year on the same charge. The news report said Kang runs an entertainment company, and targeted aspiring singers and actresses in financial trouble. He reportedly hooked them in by lending them money.

The other man, surnamed Park, 34, is an employee of Kang.

The police booked a total of nine without taking them into custody – four women who sold sex, two men who bought sex, and three accomplices.

Last April, Kang allegedly sent the 29-year-old celebrity to Los Angeles where she slept with a Korean businessman in exchange of 35 million won (about $30,000). The three other women also flew to the city for prostitution between March and May last year for the same amount of money or less.

The report said the 45-year-old Korean businessman in Los Angeles was wealthy enough to pay for all the travel expenses for the women estimated at more than 90 million won ($75,000).

Kang also allegedly arranged prostitution in Korea. In July last year, Kang reportedly got paid 15 million won ($12,500) for arranging sex for a 43-year-old businessman in Seoul.


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