Heroes to the end

April 18, 2014

11th grader Jung Cha-woong and a teacher, Nam Yoon-chul, helped others to the end 

국민대, 故남윤철 교사 분향소 마련    국민대, 故남윤철 교사 분향소 마련 (서울=연합뉴스) 국민대는 총학생회와 함께 복지관 대회의실에 세월호 침몰사고 희생자 고(故) 남윤철(35) 교사의 분향소를 마련했다고 18일 밝혔다. 2014. 4. 18 > photo@yna.co.kr/2014-04-18 21:00:49/

Nam Yoon-chul, 35, the homeroom teacher of Danwon High school’s second year, classroom six, is being honored by his alma mater, Kookmin University’s student association. His body has been discovered. (Yonhap)



This is where Jung Cha-woong used to sit in his classroom. The name tag says his goal was to “Study hard.” (Yonhap)

By Tae Hong

Stories of heroes in the midst of tragedy are emerging as South Korea anguishes over those dead or missing in the ferry boat sinking.

Among them is Nam Yoon-chul, 35, the homeroom teacher of Danwon High school’s second year, classroom six.

His body was found during the rescue efforts that have now spanned three days.

Survivors said he stayed on the ship until the end to help students escape.

“He was about to escape after helping all of us outside, but he was swept by the water,” said Kim, 16, a survivor and one of Nam’s students.

Han, a student of classroom six, said he saw Nam doing his best to get students to safety even while submerged to his waist in water. After Han escaped the flooding water, which had fast reached his height, he could no longer see Nam.

“Love the students” had been Nam’s motto. He was a sympathetic teacher beloved by his students.

“From what I understand, Yoon-chul was swept under by the water while trying to put life jackets on students,” said Nam’s mother, in tears.

Another passenger, Jung Cha-woong, was a second-year high school student who took off his life jacket and gave it to a friend. Jung, who also stayed behind in the ship to help save others, has been confirmed dead.

Affectionately called “Woongie” by his friends, Jung was a third-degree kendo player who dreamed of going to college for physical education. Tearful friends said he was a good student, sincere and kind.