For Korean Concept Artist, DreamWorks is a Dream Come True

May 18, 2016
Celine Kim inspects her solo exhibition inside Art Center College of Design, where she graduated with distinction.

Celine Kim inspects her solo exhibition inside Art Center College of Design, where she graduated with distinction.


By Woosu Lee


Celine Kim, 26, a Pasadena Art Center College of Design graduate, is DreamWorks Animation Studios’ newest concept artist.


Kim joined the globally recognized studio last month as the only international student from the school, after fielding offers from Marvel TV and Disney’s publishing and TV departments. While at Art Center, she held solo exhibits of her work and graduated with distinction.


Background design of Celine Kim’s “The Phantom of the Opera”

Background design of Celine Kim’s “The Phantom of the Opera”


“I accepted the job at DreamWorks because it was the studio’s works that drove my dream to grow as a concept artist,” Kim said. “I thought the position would give me the best opportunity to develop as an artist and to test my limits.”


Kim lived in Germany for 11 years with her father, who works at a leading Korean corporation, and her mother, a psychology researcher. Her interest in concept art was sparked by DreamWorks’ “How To Train Your Dragon,” released in 2010.


After completing the design program at Kaywon High School of Arts, Kim attended Hongik University in Seoul, majoring in visual arts. She enrolled at Art Center in 2013 to focus on illustration and entertainment art.


“The diverse culture I was exposed to spending my childhood in Europe, and DreamWorks’ quality animation, are the main influences to my work,” she said. “I think the East and West cultures I encountered since I was young helped expand my capacity as an artist. I was able to find work at a leading animation studio thanks to my parents, who never once showed opposition to my dreams and supported me in displaying my talent. I want to thank them again.”


Kim is currently holding an exhibition of her work inside Art Center and will work as a background concept artist at DreamWorks for its coming projects.


Find Celine’s work at


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