Count of damaged Korean-owned Baltimore businesses rises to 40

April 30, 2015
Baltimore looters destroyed a Korean-owned beauty supply store.

Baltimore looters destroyed a Korean-owned beauty supply store.

By The Korea Times Washington DC staff

Area business owners are seeing the effects of unrest in Baltimore following the funeral of Freddie Gray this week.

According to Korean American Grocers Association International and the Korean Society of Maryland, the count of  Korean-owned businesses damaged in the riots had gone up to 40 as of Wednesday.

The city remains under distress, with arrests of protestors after the citywide 10 p.m. curfew that started Tuesday and with looters further damaging properties.

On Tuesday, several Korean-owned businesses were set on fire. Kang Sung-ku, 49, owner of Oxford Tavern, saw his ATM torn out by rioters, while liquor store owner Cho Chang-hyun said he suffered attempts from protestors wanting to break into his store through the wall of an adjacent building.

Baltimore saw some 250 arrests and about 20 injuries during two days of riots.


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  2. Michelle McCoy

    April 30, 2015 at 10:21 PM

    My dad’s friend, John Chae was a victim of the riots that took place in West Baltimore. He was severely beaten up, had his store looted, then it was burned down. After losing everything, he still has major financial obligations to pay for, including his store lease, mortgage, medical expenses, etc.

    Despite the heartbreaking situation, I am grateful that within just 24 hours of his GoFundMe site being active, we have been able to raise over $14,000 to help him get back on his feet.

    Here is the link to learn more about John’s story:

    PLEASE show your support for John by sharing this with your network or by donating! Every little bit helps :)


  3. horangihgomtoki

    May 2, 2015 at 8:05 AM

    Korean-Americans need to understand America is a land of lies. They speak of equality, but America favors certain races over others. Asians are invisible.

    If whites attacked Jewish stores, that would be big news.

    But if blacks attack Asian stores, that’s just an inconvenience.

    The media are controlled by Jews, and they don’t care about Asians.

    And notice the black politicians took no action to protect Asian stores.

    And black gangs and groups urged black looters to leave black businesses alone and attack Asian stores instead.

    But white Liberals and Jewish elites don’t care.

    In America, Asians are perceived in two ways. Asians women are mamasans who should sexually put out to whites and blacks. And Asian men are dorks who should passively lose their women to other races and just work for computer firms. That’s about it.

    At any rate, since Korean-Americans have no culture and just indulge in rap culture and hip hop culture and black-dominated sports, they will forget about this. Black thuggery may be dangerous but it is seen as cool whereas korean shop owners are seen as uncool.

    So, the children of these shop owners will continue to listen to gangster rap, imitate thug behaviors, and worship black physical prowess in sports that celebrates the very brute strength that wrecked asian businesses and beat up asians who are physically smaller and weaker than blacks.

    They will even promote black African immigration to Korea because they worship everything black-American. Let’s admit it. Korean-Americans are nothing more than collaborators of globalist imperialism centered in NY and Washington DC that seeks to racially diversify and destroy Korea and force ‘gay marriage’ on it.

    And most of you are on the bandwagon to do so.

    Because your ideal of being Korean-American is seeking the approval of American Jews, whites, and blacks instead of standing up what is unique about race and culture.

    What passes for Korean-American culture: Trash.

  4. Rebecca

    May 5, 2015 at 7:00 PM

    There are so many stories like Johns from these terrible acts. Mr and Mrs. Chung respectively in their 70′s started their store in the 80′s after immigrated with nothing . They dedicated their life to their business. Even though Mr. Chung at times would be victim of robbery, he would get up and continue to serve the people in his community. Over thirty years of work in the neighborhood, and everything is gone. His fundraiser is getting there, thank you to all who have donated and supported all of the victims of these atrocities.

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