Chief Beck aims to transform LAPD into a department with citizens’ trust

December 9, 2014
LAPD Chief Charlie Beck during an interview at LAPD's downtown headquarters. (Lee Woo-su/The Korea Times)

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck during an interview at LAPD’s downtown headquarters. (The Korea Times)

By Lee Woosu

Los Angeles police Chief Charlie Beck, a 39-year veteran of the force who first took on the post as chief in 2009, said last Friday he looks to transform the LAPD into a department with citizens’ trust.

Beck, who was appointed to a second term in August to overlook the 13,000-strong force, talked about the LAPD’s connection to the Korean American community inside its downtown headquarters.

Outside, a group of Ferguson demonstrators continued their protest, a part of a nationwide movement against police violence.

Everyone has a right to protest, but they should be peaceful rallies, as police have to deal with violent demonstrators in accordance with the law, Beck said.

In his earlier years, Beck was stationed at LAPD’s Rampart Division, which partially includes Koreatown.

He said the exchanges he formed with the Korean American community during that time continue today. According to the chief, officers of Asian descent, excluding Filipino officers, comprise 7.3 percent of the department.

LAPD always welcomes bilingual officers and has plans to recruit hopefuls fluent in Korean in the future, he said.

Beck said he looks forward to working for stronger ties to the Korean American community.

The chief comes from a family of police officers and has two children of his own who are LAPD officers.

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  1. Daryl Russell

    December 12, 2014 at 6:55 PM

    That’s great, but how about the trust of the men and women that work for Chief Beck. When it comes to discipline, will he stop taking care of family and friends???? Doubt it….