BTS boasts most loyal fanbase in music: survey

July 3, 2023

The K-pop sensation BTS enjoys the most loyal fanbase based on how far its supporters are willing to travel, a survey by a U.S. travel information site showed Sunday.

Upgraded Points released the results of its poll titled, “How Far Would You Travel to See Your Favorite Artist?” on its website, based on answers from 3,200 American music fans.

On the website’s 100-point loyalty index, BTS scored 88.4 points to lead all artists. The score was based on survey questions that included how far fans would travel and how much they would spend to see their favorite acts.

According to the poll, BTS fans were willing to travel an average of 2,040 miles. They were also the most likely to follow the group from city to city, checking in at 62.5 percent.

The late Michael Jackson, dubbed the King of Pop, finished second in the loyalty rankings at 76.8 points, followed by Elton John at 66.4 points and Lady Gaga at 63.3 points.

BTS fans, collectively known as ARMY, have long been known to travel well, and the group’s concerts have often featured an international crowd with fans representing different corners of the world.

The group’s 10th anniversary celebration last month, BTS Festa, drew some 400,000 fans, 120,000 of whom were international members of ARMY from outside South Korea.

The seven-piece boy band with six No. 1 singles in the U.S. has been on a hiatus while members pursue solo projects and complete the mandatory military service.