‘Bacchus ajummas’ appear in L.A. Koreatown

August 8, 2014
bacchus ajumma

(Illutration – Paulsoon Kim)

In Seoul, middle-aged woman in their 50s and 60s holding packs of energy drinks for sale at public parks are a common sight. They are called “Bacchus ajummas,” and now they’ve landed in Los Angeles.

It’s a problem, because Bacchus energy drinks are not all they sell.

Selling sex to elderly men brings in about $5 to $50 for these elderly women, who head to dingy motels in the area with customers, usually elderly men, Oh My News reported last year.

At an undisclosed senior housing complex in Koreatown, a woman in her 60s was recently handed a warning notice by managers on suspicion of prostitution out of her home.

According to a housing employee, the suspicion arose after CCTV caught different elderly men entering the woman’s apartment at late night on a daily basis.

“The management did not report the woman to the police because she said all the men were her boyfriends during their investigation into the matter, but now they are keeping a close watch on all apartment entrances,” the employee said.

A source familiar with the elderly Korean community said residents of senior apartments sell sex to other residents in exchange for $50 to $60, often carried out in late night, where they are unlikely to be seen.

“There’s a need to let the elderly community know that these practices are illegal in order to curb the problem,” a source at a local Korean association said. “There’s also a need to develop and provide diverse leisure programs for the elderly.”

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  1. Edward

    August 8, 2014 at 8:26 AM

    Lack of Social Security or other pension systems is what creates this problem. Old women without families have a choice of this or picking up recycling.