Queens vegetable stand owner to receive prime minister’s citation

January 9, 2015
Lee Geum-an

Lee Geum-an

By The Korea Times New York staff

A Queens vegetable stand owner with a big heart will receive a Prime Minister’s Citation.

Lee Geum-an, 87, has run a vegetable stand in Flushing, N.Y., for 16 years, rain or shine.

Last year, Lee donated $10,500 to the Queens Hope Sharing Foundation, which provides free bowls of rice soup to the needy.

It wasn’t her first act of kindness — in 2010, she gave $5,000 toward helping the families of Cheonan victims. The same year, seven elementary, middle and high school students received $1,000 each in scholarship money from Lee with the request that they, by becoming educated, do the things she couldn’t do.

The citation runs on nominations by citizens and is given to those who give and share with a community’s needy.

Lee, who moved to the U.S. in 2002 to help support her family, saved up the donation money through running the stand and through allowances from her children.

The citation will be given Jan. 15 inside the New York Korean Consulate General.