Korea’s newest brew: Lotte’s Kloud beer coming to US markets

October 7, 2014
(Korea Times file)

(Korea Times file)

By Park Ji-hye

On Oct. 10 Lotte will introduce its latest alcoholic product, Kloud, to U.S. markets.

The beer was developed as a reaction to public complaints about the taste in Korean beers manufactured by Hite-Jinro, Cass and Oriental Brewery.

To distinguish itself, Kloud is produced with European hops and German yeast with an “original gravity method” which does not use any water in the brewing process.

As a result, the beer has a denser flavor with a foamy texture hence the name Kloud.

A Lotte spokesman reported that the new product has been performing well in South Korea since its April release and that the plan is to ride that success into international markets.



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