Samsung seen as intelligent; Hyundai Motor masculine

December 24, 2015
(Graphic: Cha Sang-won, Source: Job Korea)

(Graphic: Cha Sang-won, Source: Job Korea)

By Yoon Sung-won

Korean college students tend to associate the nation’s top conglomerates with conservative and authoritative images, a survey showed Wednesday.

According to local recruitment information provider, Job Korea, collegians think Samsung has an intelligent image while seeing Hyundai Motor as masculine and conservative, SK as autonomous, CJ as fashion-sensitive and LG as popular.

Job Korea said it surveyed a total of 952 college students here about how they would depict images of large conglomerates in the form of a person’s external features such as gender, body type and height.

The survey showed that the respondents associate Samsung with a tall male R&D worker in his early 30s. They also describe the conglomerate’s image as intelligent as well as conservative, cool-headed and authoritative.

Hyundai Motor reminds the students of a muscular and suited male in his early 30s, working at R&D or at the manufacturing department. The carmaker’s image is also conservative and masculine.

For SK, the respondents came up with a fashionably suited male R&D worker in his late 20s with an autonomous, self-directed image.

The collegians associate LG with a male worker of average height, adding that they see the conglomerate as popular and intelligent.

CJ’s image is depicted as a tall and slim female worker in her 20s who is fashion-sensitive, popular and chic.

For Lotte, the collegians imagine a late-20s female salesperson with a conservative image, the survey shows.