Korean Entertainment Recommendations Series – Part 6

August 29, 2014
SBS-TV's Gentlemen's Dignity poster.

SBS-TV’s Gentlemen’s Dignity poster.

By Julie Carlson

If you like “Sex and the City,” you’ll like “A Gentleman’s Dignity.”

Fans of HBO’s dramedy “Sex and the City” will definitely like this change-up show about four middle-aged men searching for love in Seoul. There’s just about every kind of character on this funny but heartfelt romantic comedy.

You’ve got your egoistical bachelor (Jang Dong-gun), the grieving widow (Kim Min-jong), the married womanizer (Lee Jong-hyuk), and the tag-along best buddy who doles out advice (Kim Soo-ro). And that’s just the men.

The female characters played by Kim Ha-neul, Yoon Se-ah, Kim Jung-nan and Yoon Jin-yi also shine with their own unique personalities and problems in the romance department.

“A Gentleman’s Dignity” has some truly touching and adorable moments that will long stay with you after the final episode. The drama has received countless awards and nominations for acting, cinematography, and OST.

Speaking of the OST, the beautiful song “My Love” sung by Lee Jong-hyun of CNBLUE has been a hit with fans ever since. Another good reason to watch, Lee Jong-hyun and Kim Woo-bin co-star in the drama.


In the latest episode of the Human Condition, the regular cast members had to endure  the recommended daily calorie intake. (Yonhap)

In the latest episode of the Human Condition, the regular cast members had to endure the recommended daily calorie intake. (Yonhap)

If you like “Survivor,” you’ll like “The Human Condition.”

Not only does KBS have some top-notch dramas, the television station also showcases some interesting variety shows and educational programs.

Sure, the popular reality show “Survivor” is more about trying to get along with strangers by living in the wilds for entertainment value, but there’s also some lessons to be learned. Most importantly, how to survive.

Despite the final episode airing this week, the variety program “The Human Condition” on KBS may not be set on a remote island with regular folks, but it features some fascinating weekly missions.

The show isn’t idol heavy, although idols do appear from time-to-time. It mainly focuses on a group of comedians as hosts of the show.

They’ve had to do everything from living without money, electricity, and water to doing farm work, figuring out how to live with only a part-time job, living without stress to, even, learning how to enjoy the hobby of reading. Yes, reading.

According to the show, did you know that Korea comes first in the world when it’s to people being online, but comes last in reading?

“The Human Condition” teaches viewers about what the human condition means in your own life. The show also reveals how we often take many things for granted every day.


a werewolf boy

A Werewolf Boy

For the Twilighters out there, we highly recommend the sensational “A Werewolf Boy.” And if you’re not a fan of “Twilight,” but love romance with paranormal elements, then “A Werewolf Boy” will be right up your alley.

After being first screened at the 17th Busan International Film Festival and hitting the theaters, it became a smash hit with viewers. The melodrama has garnered tons of praise for its engaging plot about family who discovers a young boy (Song Joong-ki) living on their farm is a werewolf.

The eldest daughter (Park Bo-young) becomes friends with him and he protects her at all costs. It also has an alternate ending. “A Werewolf Boy” has been published in novel format and received several awards and nominations for acting, directing, costume design, and best screenplay. The film has also made big stars out of it’s teen characters.

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