If you like ‘Teen Wolf,’ you’ll like ‘Gu Family Book’

August 8, 2014

Our Korean entertainment recommendations series continues!

Gu Family Book poster (iMBC)

Gu Family Book poster (imbc.com)

By Julie Carlson

If you like “Teen Wolf,” you’ll like “Gu Family Book”: 

Fantasy and sci-fi TV shows are all the rage, but not just in the U.S. They’re also starting to make a mark in Korea.

The historical genre is the most common K-drama setting for the supernatural. One of the biggest hits in 2013 was “Gu Family Book” about a half man-half monster in the Joseon Dynasty.

So what kind of monster is portrayed in the drama? The Korean mythological creature, the gumiho, a nine-tailed fox.The legend is somewhat similar to a werewolf in Western folklore.

This isn’t the first time star Lee Seung-gi has been in a drama about a gumiho, but this time around, tag…he’s it.  So, if you like brooding werewolves, like Scott McCall in “Teen Wolf,” then you’re sure to fall head-over-heels for Choi Kang-chi.

Throughout the drama he struggles with his identity. He desperately wants to be human. Although, Kang-chi’s made into an outcast, he’s a strong hero who yearns to win the heart of the girl he loves.

Enter Dam Yeo-weol (Bae Suzy), a kick-butt heroine, who accepts him for who he is.

There’s plenty of heart-pounding moments and “The Matrix” style martial arts action scenes in “Gu Family Book” are top notch. And there’s also both comedic and creeptastic villains.

The drama was awarded and nominated for multiple awards. The fantastically surreal ending has left fans begging for a sequel.

And if fantasy/sci-fi is you’re thing, make sure to check out the upcoming “The Night Watchman” on MBC, about a rag-tag group of Joseon Police who protect the people from evil ghosts and dragons.


(SBS-TV's Roomate)

(SBS-TV’s Roomate)

If you like “Big Brother,” you’ll like “Roommate”:

Do you live for the drama, back-stabbing, jealousy, tears and romance of reality TV?

Check out “Roommate,” part of the SBS’s Good Sunday, along with “Running Man.”

Okay, maybe there’s not a lot of backstabbing on “Roommate” but instead of non-celebs like on CBS’s “Big Brother,” the show features celebrities living together. “Roommate” has everyone from actors to sports figures. It’s a fun show to get a glimpse of your fave idols personality, as well as their habits and quirks.

And there’s plenty of unique personalities. The ten celebs also come from varied backgrounds and living arrangements. Some live at home with their parents, some live with group members, and others live alone.

It’s probably easy for those who live with others to bunk with roommates, but for the two celebs, model and DJ Lee So-ra and singer Shin Sung-woo, who have lived alone for over 20 years, that has to be tough!

It pretty much is, but they also enjoy the new experience. ”Roommate” shows viewers how these celebs learn about each other, being honest and caring, form deeper relationships (romantic and non-romantic), share household chores, and not getting on each other’s nerves.

Unfortunately, fan favorite Park Bom of 2NE1 had to leave the show for personal reasons. But you can still see her bubbly 4D personality in several beginning episodes.

Through “Roommate” fans get to see their favorites in a new light.


If you like Katy Perry, you like Sunmi:

Though the Wonder Girls have gone on a hiatus, many of the members have continued to have successful solo careers. One such member is Lee Sunmi.

Her catchy music resembles Katy Perry’s sound and style.

After hypnotizing many viewers with her MV for “24 hours”, it has produced several dance covers by Korean and International fans on YouTube. Singer, songwriter and the head of JYP, Park Jin-young wrote the catchy lyrics.

Earlier this year, Sunmi released her first debut min-album, “Full Moon” and the even sexier, single and MV of the same name “Full Moon.” It features vampires and gorgeous sets.

“Full Moon” is a definite must watch with it’s dark storyline, seductive dance moves, cool costumes and her collaboration with rapper Lena of 6MIX. Also on the album, Sunmi collaborated with other idols such as Jackson of GOT7, and fellow Wonder Girls members Yenny and Yunbin.

Yenny, who has gone to also have a solo career under the name, Ha:tfelt, provided lyrics, music and the arrangement for the bonus track song, “If That Was You.”

Sunmi has proven to have a very successful singing career. Last year, she was nominated for multiple top music awards for dance, song and Artist of the Year at MAMA.


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