BTS’ Jimin soothes fans with surprise solo release

December 22, 2023

K-pop superstar Jimin of BTS gifted the band’s devoted fandom, ARMY, with a special surprise on Friday — a brand new solo single titled “Closer Than This,” along with its accompanying music video.

The release comes just over a week after Jimin enlisted for his mandatory military service in South Korea.

BigHit Music, the group’s agency, described “Closer Than This” as a heartfelt dedication to ARMY, brimming with reassurance and unwavering affection.

In the lyrics, Jimin promises he won’t let go of “your hold” no matter what challenges arise, reminding fans that “we’re together as always” even when physically apart.

Musically, it is an easy-listening song blending Jimin’s warm vocals on top of bright guitar riffs and synthesizer sounds. The latter half of the song features a beautiful harmony between Jimin and a children’s choir, adding a touch of innocence and wonder.

The music video provides fans with a nostalgic journey through Jimin’s 10-year musical career. Viewers can expect glimpses of Jimin writing new music, BTS’ debut moments in 2013, heartwarming scenes with fans, and triumphant appearances at award ceremonies.

On Dec. 12, Jimin joined the military alongside fellow BTS member Jungkook to fulfill their 18-month mandatory service, a day after the enlistment of two other members, RM and V.

With the group’s three older members already in service, fans can eagerly anticipate a full-group comeback of the K-pop septet sometime in 2025.

In South Korea, all able-bodied men are required to serve in the military for at least 18 months.