“YOO-hoo!” – Korean Man in NY Scratches off $1M Winning Lottery Ticket

September 9, 2013

How do you think you’ll react if you just scratched off a one-million dollar winning lottery ticket?

The 34-year-old Korean man who did just that quietly folded the ticket in half, put it in his pocket, went back to his office and called his wife so that she was the first to know. Except she would not answer, so he had to leave a message.

He was identified as Sang H. Yoo, who works at the City University of New York as a payroll officer.

Being a good son paid big time for him last month, as he went out to shop for a sunglasses case his father had asked for during his lunch hour. As he walked along Sixth Avenue in Manhattan, he happened to see lottery tickets being sold at a newspaper stand.

He bought one, scratched it off and on August 27th, he picked up his check from the State of New York’s Division of Lottery. He took the lump sum payment of $517,123 – after taxes. He says a significant portion of it was “safely invested” and the rest will be used to buy a new house. With a smile, he also said he can finally afford to have kids.