Why I Think Korea Should Never Reunite

August 21, 2017

On Valentine‘s Day, 2017, Kim Jong-un’s step brother, Kim Jong-Nam was killed after being sprayed in the face with unknown poison at the Malaysia Airport. ?Kim Jong-un killed his family once again to keep his throne, and the incident shocked the whole world. The news of North Korea always remind myself once again that reunification should never happen. Here are some reasons why: ?First, South Korea and North Korea now have great economic differences. North Korea has the ultimate leader; Kim Jong-un and he is the biggest obstacle to overcome. For the past 6 years of his ruling, Kim Jong-un has executed more than 340 people, including his uncle Jang Song Thaek. North Korea is the only country that still follows leadership system, which is unfit for 21st century. South Korea, in the other hand, follows the constitution of democracy, which allows rights of civilian. The recent, peaceful impeachment of South Korea is clearly the proof of great working government system. The most reasonable way to join two governments is for North Korea to adapt the system of South Korea; however, I highly doubt that Kim Jong-eun will give up his power and throne for the unity of two countries.

Another problem is the financial difference between two countries; South Korea has to support North Korea economically. Surprising fact is that in North Korea, “…only military and government officials can own motor vehicles. Not a single citizens can own it.” (US News). Adding onto this fact, “Pyongyang, the capital city of North Korea, is only for loyal and wealthy elites and not a single person who is not elite can live here” (CNN News). If South Korea were to come to reunite with North Korea, South Korea will have hard time filling up the emptiness of North Korea’s economy. Adding onto this depressing fact, if we reunite, no one would want to live at North Korea until it settles down to look more like South Korea. It will take many years to change how North Korea looks, and this causes many troubles because South Korea’s land is not big enough to fit everyone. None of the South Koreans wants this including myself and sacrificing so much just for national identity is not worth it. ?Therefore, South Korea and North Korea should not become a one country due to great economic differences and most importantly, extremely complicated and different government systems that drag Korea to become a one nation. Such sacrifice is not worth to endure when the unity does not guarantee a successful Korea.


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