Twin sisters reunited by social media after 25 years to release book

September 4, 2014
(Published by Putnam Adult, Penguin Group)

(Published by Putnam Adult, Penguin Group)

The unlikely story of identical twin sisters separated at birth in South Korea and reunited after 25 years made headlines around the globe last year.

Their tale will now be available in a book, “Separated @ Birth: A True Story of Twin Sisters Reunited,” to be released Oct. 30.

Anais Bordier and Samantha Futerman, born in Busan in 1987 and adopted worlds apart three months later — Bordier by a Parisian family, Futerman by an American family from New Jersey — were reconnected through social media last year.

The book, is a 300-page first-person account. Bordier, a fashion design student, was tipped by a friend who saw a YouTube video featuring an actress who looked just like her. Soon, she was digging through Google and learning that Futerman, a Los Angeles-based actress who had starred in “Memoirs of a Geisha” and “21,” shared her birthday and had been adopted.

She reached out to Futerman via Facebook and Twitter. Days later, the twins had had their first Skype meeting.

Since their meeting, Bordier and Futerman have documented each and every step of their journey, from DNA testing — which came back positive — to a recording of their first Skype meeting to their first joint visit to Korea.