Trump, time to sit down with Kim Jong Un

May 3, 2017  USA Today

Readers react to North Korea’s missile tests.

Letter to the editor:

(Photo: Alex Wong, epa)

(Photo: Alex Wong, epa)

USA TODAY’s editorial “In Korea, no pre-emptive strike,” is correct — there shouldn’t be a military attempt to cripple North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. There should be, as the editorial advocates, a sustained cyber-attack designed to stymie an evolving global threat. But here’s the rub: China has only one eye on the North Korean nuclear threat while keeping the other on the American one. Thus, relying on China to sterilize the North Korean threat against us is like expecting good intentions to prevail over power politics. Let’s hope that our cyber spies are craftier than those in Pyongyang.

Paul Bloustein; Cincinnati

Letter to the editor:

Anyone remember The Forgotten War, in which over 33,000 Americans lost their lives in battle? And who propped up the North Koreans in order to continue that war? China and Russia provided military power. So the Chinese and Russians are not our friends regardless of what you hear from either now. Korea should have been united decades ago but, again, the Chinese and Russians did not want it. Bombing North Korea would not change things but only make matters worse for those already suffering there. Kim Jong Un needs to be removed or nothing will change — except he might get lucky and send a bomb to the U.S.!

Don E. Porter; Oklahoma City

Facebook comments are edited for clarity and grammar:

The North Korea situation with leader Kim Jong Un reminds me of the bully who wants to burn the school down. He is working with matches, but not having much success. Do you swat him down now, or do you wait until he learns about gasoline? Are we supposed to wait until he has functioning nuclear capabilities?

— Barry Levy

President Trump should be able to leave every option on the table. Saying we will not do one thing or another weakens negotiations.

— Charles Edward Brown

It’s clear that the days of idly standing around while Noth Korea issues nuclear threats have come to an end. It’s China’s move, or when American, Japanese and South Korean lives are sacrificed to kill this Chinese-built monster, it will pay an enormous price in trade, prestige, trust and economics. Japan, South Korea and America are some of China’s biggest trade partners.


The inning is over. North Korea is about to be tagged out and China is down. China’s behavior has been very disappointing.

— George Griselda

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In Korea, no pre-emptive strike: Our view


We asked our followers their thoughts on North Korea’s missile tests and whether the U.S. should intervene. Tweets are edited for clarity and grammar:

No. Let China, Japan and South Korea deal with it. They are neighbors and if they don’t care, then why should we?

— @jpdobbs

Diplomacy must be exhausted before the U.S. acts militarily.

— @JeffOstach

It’s up to the United Nations, not the U.S. Our intervention might cause an unwanted, aggressive retaliation from North Korea.

— @FurtherOpinion



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    May 4, 2017 at 4:12 AM

    World War Three won’t happen. If those countries could just discuss everything like modern secular countries. North Korea can’t just use nuclear weapons, because it is really useless. It will be a conflict without winners. Everyone loses in nuclear war. The threatening of North Korea is just a bluff. But it is a really worthless bluff.