Trump hands over financial control to sons

January 31, 2017
Ashley Kim  New Covenant Academy 9th grade

Ashley Kim
New Covenant Academy 9th grade

At Donald Trump’s first press conference, with his signature sudden outbursts and outspokenness, he made quite some interesting statements. Especially about his personal finances. However, he actually didn’t touch upon the subject too much himself.

A new figure named Sheri Dillon was introduced, and she was the one who talked about how his organization and separate finances would tie into his presidency.

She first opened up by addressing the people’s concerns about how his well-known organization and profits would be directed. Dillon seemed to be well aware of the worries and concerns that were brought up due to his career as a recognized businessman, one unlike any president we’ve ever had. And Dillon went right to the point.

She first mentioned that Trump will give up all business control over to his sons. Further emphasizing the fact that he will pull entirely out of the project himself. Next, she pointed out that Ivanka, his renown daughter, would also step out of the Trump Organization. This was quite surprising because his daughter was seen by many to be the most capable of managing the organization. However, with this statement, she continued to relay even more shocking decisions made by our president that would help solve our worries about his assets.

“No new foreign deals will be made whatsoever during the duration of President Trump’s presidency,” was the next critical statement she made. And even with some allowed domestic deals, they would undergo a vigorous vetting process. Then Dillon went on to mention the next new position that would be made at the Trump Organization. Following on with responses to why the proposed solutions of the people (regarding Trump’s finances) wouldn’t work out. After mentioning some more critical details, Dillon wrapped it up by saying that all his finances would be directed solely towards the benefit of the people. They seem to be pretty aware of our concerns and also openly accepting recommendations of how the problems should be solved.

With these decisions about his personal finances, we should firmly be convinced that no harm would be done to his presidency.


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