Trump and Clinton square off in second debate

November 8, 2016
Heejae Park  OCSA  9th Grade

Heejae Park
9th Grade

In the 2nd Presidential Debate, the two candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, debated against each other for the position of president. They were asked questions in a town hall style debate, responding in two-minute segments, with CNN’s Anderson Cooper moderating.

It didn’t take long for the debate to heat up, as the first question was “Will this debate be appropriate for children?”Anderson Cooper asks Trump after both speak if this is good for children, because of Trump previously mentioning before that he spoke bad of women and bragged that he sexually assaulted women. Clinton afterwards said that America is already good, while Trump insists that it hasn’t become good yet. Clinton also makes a statement about how Trump is causing harm for immigrants, and Trump attempts to respond, only to be cut off for a different question.

Trump says that Clinton has also attacked and laughed at the cases of sexually assaulted women, and Clinton counters by stating that Trump has never given a single apology to terrible cases that happened before, therefore Trump needed to give an apology.

As the debate continues, arguments are passed against each other continually, speaking about various topics such as economics, deciding the Supreme Court Justices, and the character of either candidate. Clinton states that she wants to choose Justices that are capable of understanding the world and what people are up against. She also states that suggestions made by Trump about choosing Justices aren’t recommended. Trump says he is looking for Justices that are highly respected and thought of by other people. He says that he wants people that respect the Constitution.

Other topics come back up, such as energy and the production and selling of steel. Trump says that China is illegally dumping steel all over the US, and he would make sure that it stops, and also bring back the energy companies. Clinton says that they must remain energy independent, and that they must solve the energy problem by moving towards clean, renewable energy as quickly as they can, so that they are capable of focusing on other problems.

Another question comes up, asking that they name one positive aspect that they respect about one another. Clinton begins, saying that she respects his children, saying that they are able, and says that as a mother and grandmother, that is very important to her. Trump says that he considers that a compliment, as he loves his own children. Trump says that he respects the fact that she continues fighting, and never gives up on her campaign, despite the fact that he is campaigning against her.

Following that last question, the second debate ends, leaving only one debate remaining before the election.



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