Three Korean films invited to Toronto festival

July 27, 2016

SEOUL, July 27 (Yonhap) — Three South Korean films, including one by the acclaimed director Park Chan-wook, have been invited to the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival, the event’s website showed Wednesday.

Park’s latest work, “The Handmaiden,” will be shown under the Special Presentations category at the 41st edition of the festival along with “Asura: The City of Madness,” directed by Kim Sung-soo, and “The Age of Shadows,” directed by Kim Jee-woon.

The festival is one of the world’s most prestigious film events together with its counterparts at Cannes, Berlin and Venice. This year, it is slated to run from Sept. 8-18.

The Special Presentations category introduces new works by famous directors or actors based on their artistic and commercial value.

“The Handmaiden” is a highly erotic film centered on the lesbian relationship between a servant and her master, while “Asura: The City of Madness” is a crime drama and “The Age of Shadows” a period thriller set in the 1920s when Korea was under Japanese colonial rule.

Other South Korean films that have been invited to the festival in the past include the 2009 crime drama “Mother” and the 2010 thriller “I Saw the Devil.”

"The Handmaiden."

“The Handmaiden.”