The influence of Trump to answer the call

January 3, 2017
Cindy Wang   Cornelia Connelly High Sophomore

Cindy Wang
Cornelia Connelly High Sophomore

Donald Trump called the leader of Taiwan upon his election, and it was the first such communication since 1979, when Taiwan and the United States broke off diplomatic ties.

This is a serious problem, because since 1972 the US has adopted the so-called “One China” policy. But in this action is shown as a highly provocative action of historic proportions. China will have a new view for Trump. It is a good thing because Chinese leaders discovered this problem quickly, being able to solve it peacefully.

The second good thing for Taiwan is that it can help with stability. Before Trump was elected, the Taiwan president had expressed support for Hillary Clinton, Trump’s opponent, by sending gifts and greeting cards. Now, they must show they are happy and willing to support Trump to continue to have peaceful relations. I believe that this will only make China and USA‘s relationship more stressful.

Trump broke the “one China rule,” which had been standing for more than half a century. I cannot see any benefits for either side. It puts at risk the national security of two countries. The Washington Post pointed out that the move deviated from what the U.S. had been doing for decades.

How will it affect our relations with other countries? Today, whether from geopolitical or economic development, China has been in the maintenance of the core interests of the right to speak. Trump is a rare businessman turned president and he may not understand that this move may not be in the greatest interests of both countries. In conclusion, I do not think it was wise to break the “One China” rule.


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