Statue of aroused Spider-Man removed from a Korean shopping mall

June 9, 2014

This statue of Spider Man has been removed from Lotte Shopping Center building in Busan, South Korea.

By Kim Young-jin

It only took about a year for Koreans to notice it, but a statue of Spider-Man was removed from a shopping mall in Busan, because it featured the superhero with a noticeable erection.

The statue, created by Korean artist Yoo Eunsuk, had hung off the Lotte Shopping Center for about a year. But when images of the installation circulated online all of sudden on Saturday, it was taken down in a matter of hours.
In a Facebook post, Yoo said that when he created the installation, he wanted to humorously “depict what happens naturally in the morning without lies.”

He said he was told to either modify the statue or have it removed. Yoo opted for the latter.

Yoo said he was disappointed but that he understood that the work offended some. He added that he would try to make a “better work” next time.