Run River North coming back to LA with a new sound

October 1, 2014

On Oct. 6 at The Fonda Theater

Run River North (Catie Lafoon)

Run River North (Catie Lafoon)

By The Korea Times Los Angeles staff

Run River North will be back in Los Angeles at The Fonda Theater on Oct. 6 with a slate of new material and a slightly evolved sound.

“We’ve gotten a lot more comfortable with jamming out on stage and exploring,” says Alex Hwang, lead vocalist and guitarist. “It’s not just me singing all the time. There’s a lot more space for the other instruments to shine.”

Since releasing their eponymous debut album back in February, Run River North has been touring non-stop across the U.S. while also playing a handful of shows in London.

Being on the road for months at a time is no easy feat for any indie artist though. Luckily the band took September off to regroup and reflect on their experiences so far.

“One thing we didn’t expect, but are grateful for is that we have fans in places like Omaha, Nebraska and Little Rock, Arkansas,” Hwang says. “It means a lot when we hear the audience sing along in towns we’d never really been to.”

Even if you caught them only a few months ago, it might be worth checking them out again this time around when they come to your town. Run River North adopts a live show aesthetic that’s always moving forward.

“The songs we write can change a lot in even one month,” Hwang says.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area next Monday, make sure to catch their show with Boy & Bear on Oct. 6. at The Fonda Theater. Visit for more information.

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