Popular Korean animation series ‘Larva’ to go musical

February 24, 2014


By Chung Ah-young

A popular Korean animation series “Larva” which features a pair of slugs ― Red and Yellow ― will be made into a stage musical, according to Tuba N, its production company.

The musical version will be produced in cooperation with DS Musical Company and Daegyo TV, a children’s cable channel.

The company said the musical will upgrade the storyline of the animation series combining comical elements and reflect more interactions with children.

First appearing in 2011 on national network KBS and cable, the short, slapstick episodes have become one of the most popular cartoons on television. They are refreshing the Korean animation scene, which has been overflowing with children’s cartoons without works adults too could find funny.

In its episodes ― only a couple of minutes long ― two slugs engage in a series of comedic fights, with other creatures such as flies, mosquitoes, dung beetles and snails making cameo appearances.

The animation has been broadcast in 97 countries and made into merchandise products in 20 countries.

The performance will hit the stage from May 3 at Gwangjin Naru Art Center in Seoul.