Nmixx doubles down on ‘nmixx pop’ for new EP

January 15, 2024

K-pop girl group Nmixx has tenaciously pursued a signature style of music that seamlessly blends two or more genres into one song to give a variety of charms.

It amplified the allure of the style, called “nmixx,” in its latest EP set for release Monday.

“The song is a fusion of old-school hip-hop and pop funk, vividly highlighting the strength of mix pop,” member Haewon said of “Dash,” the lead track of the forthcoming EP, “Fe304: Break,” during a press showcase held in Seoul a few hours before its release.

Including “Dash” and the pre-released track, “Sonar (Breaker),” the album consists of seven songs.

K-pop girl group Nmixx poses for photographers during a media showcase for its second EP, "Fe3O4: Break," in Seoul on Jan. 15, 2024. (Yonhap)
K-pop girl group Nmixx poses for photographers during a media showcase for its second EP, “Fe3O4: Break,” in Seoul on Jan. 15, 2024. (Yonhap)

Band members shared their initial reactions upon hearing the draft version of the main song about their commitment to forge their own path rather than following the expected course.

“We all unanimously agreed that the song is truly good,” she said. “It felt so satisfying that I found myself wondering, ‘Why does it finish so quickly?’ upon my first listen. As a singer, I also found it enjoyable to practice.”

Jiwoo chimed in, briefly saying, “I had a strong belief in it.”

“It brought back memories of the R&B vibes from the 2000s. The constant shifts in melody and rhythm make it enjoyable, and every time I listen to it, I feel fresh and new. So, I think the song is really good,” Lily added.

“Fe304: Break” is the first release from the band since its third single, “A Midsummer Nmixx’s Dream” in July.

The new album’s title used “Fe304,” one of the chemical symbols of magnetic substances, to indicate the group’s determination to magnetize more K-pop fans, according to the band.

The group has so far unfolded a narrative featuring the six members embarking on a fantastical journey toward a new world and discovering unity through understanding toward each other in the process in the past two album series, named “New Frontier” and “Docking Station.”

The forthcoming album marks the beginning of the band’s third album series, under the common title “Fe304,” which depicts the girls’ fight against obstacles on the path to “mixxtopia,” a utopia where all dreams and wishes are said to come true.

“In the music video for a previous song, there was a scene depicting our ship being damaged by the enemy. This incident causes a delay in our journey toward ‘mixxtopia,’ prompting us to take the time to repair the ship while residing in a real world called, ‘field’,” Haewon explained, when asked about the album’s theme.

“In our pursuit of reaching mixxtopia, we try to challenge the practices of the real world. This album depicts the initial challenges encountered on our journey,” Sullyoon said. “Our goal is to break down the walls of the world and make it reflexible and soft.”

Nmixx celebrates its second debut anniversary next month.

“It feels like just yesterday that we made a debut, but I can’t believe that it’s already our second anniversary. We were able to reach our second year thanks to the love of our fans. We have had many good memories with our fans over the past two years. I want to make even more in the future,” Bae said.

When asked about personal growth as a member, Gyujin answered, “We have shown many different styles of music to the public, consistently building a repertoire of diverse genres and styles. I feel like I’ve grown a bit in terms of my ability to do different genres and my understanding has deepened.”

She also expressed a desire to become more at ease on stage.

“In fact, I feel very tense inside and my body tends to be stiff (on stage). I hope I can grow more in that area,” she said.