Miss Korea USA winners ready for Seoul trip

May 27, 2015
From Left -- Shin Eun-ae, Angel Jung and Lena Ahn. (Korea Times)

From Left — Shin Eun-ae, Angel Jung and Lena Ahn. (Korea Times)

By The Korea Times Los Angeles staff

Miss Korea USA winners are ready for a trip to Seoul for the next stage of the competition in July.

Angel Jung, 23, Eun-ae Shin, 24, and Lena Ahn, 21, visited the Korea Times Los Angeles office on Tuesday for a brief interview. Han Ho-jung, 23, who hails from Atlanta, Georgia, has already left for Seoul.

Ahn has stirred up extra publicity because she was recognized as a K-pop trainee for JYP Entertainment. She has decided to take a different road to recognition since leaving the group and is currently pursuing an acting career in the U.S. “Miss Korea” title is sure to make her resume more attractive in Hollywood.

“I grew up in the U.S., but I was always proud of my Korean heritage and wanted to represent Korean beauty,” Ahn said.  She was very straight forward with her answers and added, ”if someone finds joy in my appearance, I think I can find satisfaction in that.”

Last year, Sarah Lee, the 2014 Miss Korea USA’s second runner-up from Los Angeles, went on to take the same honor in Seoul.


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