Korean actress auditions for ‘Avengers 2′

January 29, 2014
Korean actress Kim Soo-hyun  (Yonhap)

Korean actress Kim Soo-hyun (Yonhap)

By Park Si-soo

The sequel of Hollywood action flick Avengers will be filmed in Korea possibly featuring a Korean actress.

The film’s producer, Marvel Universe, said at least 10 to 15 minutes of “Avengers 2: Age of Ultron” will take place in Seoul’s Gangnam area and Gyeonggi Province.

The domestic shooting of the movie is said to take place in April or May. Other locations for shooting include New York, London and locations throughout South Africa, it said.

One of Korea’s top production teams has already been chosen to work with the firm’s crew, it added.

Korean actress Kim Soo-hyun is said to have met with Marvel officials to discuss her appearing in the film as a villain.

Her management agency said nothing has been decided yet. The 29-year-old featured in several TV dramas including a role as a secretary to Daniel Henney’s character in the television drama “Plan B.”She however is not a widely-recognized performer. She is fluent in English, having spent her childhood abroad.

The Avengers series is based on the Marvel comic books of the same name in which a team of superheroes protect the earth from various threats.

Released in 2012, the first Avengers film was a big hit in Korea, earning more than $50 million. The Avengers’ sequel is due to be released in May 2015.

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