K-pop girl band (G)I-dle drops new EP ‘I Trust’

April 6, 2020

K-pop girl band (G)I-dle on Monday dropped an EP, “I Trust,” the third release in the six-piece, self-producing idol group’s “I” album series.

The five-track album is led by single “Oh My God,” a dark urban hip hop number, depicting self-trust in coping with the cold reality.

“It is a song that has a major reversal. It compares love to the process of trusting and sticking to oneself in the face of any kind of reality,” Soyeon, the team leader who composed and wrote all the five songs, said during an online press showcase.

The lead track and its powerful stage choreography feature both decadent and angelic images, as represented in black and white, and the duality runs through the five track album.

A promotional image of (G)I-dle for EP "I Trust," provided by Cube Entertainment (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap)
A promotional image of (G)I-dle for EP "I Trust," provided by Cube Entertainment (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap)


“While I produced this album, I put the top priority on carrying the whole spectrum of one’s sentiment, both negative and positive, from a single event into one album,” Soyeon said.

The new EP’s physical album comes in two versions — black and white — and the band will also present two corresponding versions of the stage performance of “Oh My God” while promoting the music, member Miyeon said.

“Every song on the album has a bold rhythmic change in it. With mysterious and powerful vibes, the album is also a dramatic style change from our previous songs,” she said.

The album’s track list includes “Maybe,” Lion,” which was previously released as a digital single,” as well as an English version of “Oh My God.”

It is the band’s first music release since its digital single, “Uh-Oh,” in June last year.

The EP is the third part of the band’s “I” album series, which the band launched with its debut album “I AM,” in 2018.