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November 14, 2013

Kim Yu-na donates 100K to help relief effort in Philippines

Since 2010, she has also given to help earthquake victims in Haiti,

children in earthquake-ravaged Japan, and needy Korean children

Figure skater Kim Yu-na has donated $100,000 to help typhoon relief efforts in the Philippines.

Whether she becomes the first woman since Katarina Witt to win back-to-back Olympic figure skating titles or not, Kim Yu-na is a gold medalist in life.

Kim Yu-na has been an angel on and off the ice. (Yonhap)

The 23-year old Olympic champion figure skater donated $100,000 to help typhoon relief efforts in the Philippines, officials revealed on Thursday. The Korean Committee for UNICEF, a U.N. organization providing aid to children in developing countries, said in a press release that Kim made the donation on Wednesday.

“Through the Korean Committee for UNICEF, Kim has made donations to help underprivileged and sick children at the end of each year, and this year, she informed us that she wanted to help children affected by the strong typhoon in the Philippines,” the statement said. “Her donation will be used to supply drinking water and also to provide education for these children.”

The deadly Typhoon Haiyan ripped through the Philippines last week, claiming more than 2,000 lives, with thousands of others injured or missing. South Korea has pledged $5 million in aid, along with a team of 40 rescue and medical workers to provide relief efforts in the Southeast Asian country.

Kim was named an international ambassador for UNICEF in July 2010, but six months earlier, she’d already donated 100 million won ($93,700) to UNICEF to aid earthquake victims in Haiti. In May 2011, she donated her winnings from her second-place finish at the 2011 world championships to help children in the earthquake-ravaged Japan.

The world championships that year had been scheduled to take place in Tokyo, but the major quake and tsunami in the region forced the event to Moscow.

According to the Korean Committee for UNICEF, Kim has been making annual donations to needy South Korean children since 2010.

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