S. Korean man stabbed to death in Philippines

February 22, 2016

SEOUL (Yonhap) — A South Korean man in his 60s was stabbed to death at his house in the Philippines, South Korea’s Foreign Ministry said Monday.

His body was found in his house in the Cavite province of the Southeast Asian country on Monday morning.

The South Korean Embassy there is trying to verify the exact cause of his death. It has asked local police to conduct a “prompt and thorough” investigation into the case, said the ministry.

The killing incident was the latest in a relentless series of murder cases involving Korean residents in the Philippines. A total of 11 Koreans were killed in the country last year while 10 were murdered the previous year.

Roughly 88,000 South Koreans live in the Philippines on a permanent basis, with more than one million others traveling there every year, according to official data.


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