Empire strikes back: Lee Hoo of ZE:A publicly attacks company CEO

September 22, 2014
Moon Jun-young, who goes by Lee Hoo with Zea.

Moon Jun-young, who goes by Lee Hoo with Zea.

Lee Hoo, a member of the boy band ZE:A, caused quite a stir by attacking the CEO of the group’s label, Star Empire, on social media.

On Sunday, Lee (whose real name is Moon Jun-young) issued multiple, ominous tweets directed at the executive, Shin Joo-hak.

One read: “You’ve crossed the line. I‘ve seen tears from my parents, and it’s now your turn to shed some tears.” The tweet suggested that Shin’s actions had caused hardship to Lee’s parents.

“Where’s all the income we earned with all our efforts? I hope you’ll be honest,” another tweet read.

“Where is the money that we have earned,” another tweet read.

Suddenly, however, Lee changed his tone. On Monday, the entertainer said he had reconciled with Shin and that it had all been a misunderstanding.

“I want to stay with him (Shin), seeing that he apologized to us in tears,” Moon said.