ZE:A leader Moon Joon-young to take hiatus

October 21, 2014
ZE:A's Moon Joon-young

ZE:A’s Moon Joon-young

K-pop boy band ZE:A leader Moon Joon-young, also known as Lee Hoo, is taking a hiatus, Star Empire announced Tuesday.

“Moon Joon-young told us he needs time to recharge,” the company told Xsports. “After the incident, we think he must have had a lot of concerns. He is not leaving the group but will rest before ZE:A resumes activities as a group.”

Star Empire said it had resolved issues with Moon — who vented his frustrations about the band’s pay and treatment on Twitter in September — and is in the process of creating a new system.

“The members, who have all agreed, are carrying out their own schedules,” it said.

The company said Moon is looking to take a rest after the announcement.

“It’s regrettable that there are so many negative perceptions of Moon Joon-young. He will be back, so please look at him with warm eyes,” Star Empire said.

On ZE:A official Twitter Tuesday, Star Empire released a statement detailing the problems raised by Moon in September.

“We do not think the problems between a celebrity and a company as posted on Twitter by Moon Joon-young are issues faced by just one company,” it stated. “It was not a wise means, but for Joon-young, it was a decision he had no choice but to make. Star Empire feels responsibility for bringing about this situation.”

“The apology Joon-young posted on Sep. 21 stating that problems had been resolved did not reflect his own thoughts but rather those of the company,” Star Empire said. “The company did not want the masses and netizens to feel chaos because of internal issues. But because of this, netizens’ suspicion of Joon-young grew, and their hostility toward him increased after he posted another Twitter message regarding the backlash.”

Star Empire said it has created a new system to incorporate all of the ZE:A members’ opinions and apologized for causing a stir.