Babymonster makes full-group debut with self-titled album

April 1, 2024

YG Entertainment’s highly anticipated new girl group, Babymonster, released its debut EP, “Babymons7er,” on Monday, marking its first full-group album since its November debut.

The EP comprises seven tracks, including the lead single, “Sheesh,” a dynamic hip-hop dance song featuring a catchy hook and impressive vocals.

Babymonster is a seven-member girl group composed of Ruka, Pharita, Asa, Rami, Rora, Chiquita and Ahyeon, hailing from three different countries — South Korea, Japan and Thailand.

K-pop girl group Babymonster is seen in this photo provided by YG Entertainment. (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap)
K-pop girl group Babymonster is seen in this photo provided by YG Entertainment. (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap)

Since its debut with the single “Batter Up” in November, the group has been creating buzz as the first girl group from YG in seven years since BLACKPINK.

“We embody the ‘YG DNA,’” member Rora said during a group media interview held at the company headquarters in western Seoul on Monday. “We bring a youthful energy and a hip side that we believe is really cool,” she added.

“We can display our babylike and playful sides offstage, and a professional demeanor when delivering intense hip-hop performances onstage,” Rami explained, when asked to elaborate on what differentiates her group from other rookie groups.

The members also shared their reasons for joining YG Entertainment.

“When I think of YG, hip-hop immediately comes to mind,” Asa stated. “I chose YG because hip-hop is the genre that I can do the best.”

Rora expressed: “I was inspired by BLACKPINK. I think there are many coming to Korea with a dream of becoming global artists like them.”

The group’s Thai members, Pharita and Chiquita, echoed the view, expressing their admiration for BLACKPINK member Lisa’s immense popularity in Thailand.

According to the new group, BLACKPINK members advised them during a survival show and their training years at the company to always consider the audience’s perspective.

“One piece of feedback that stuck with me was the importance of performing with the audience’s happiness in mind,” Asa recalled.

“Babymons7er” marks the group’s first album featuring all seven members, including Ahyeon, who returned after a monthslong hiatus for health reasons. Initially planned as a septet, the group debuted with six members in Ahyeon’s absence.

The album’s name, cleverly combining the group’s name and the number seven, reflects Babymonster’s confidence in its debut as a complete group.

“I wasn’t worried because the six members were really dependable, but I was eager to recover quickly and return,” she said.

Rora noted that the group’s dynamics became more diverse upon Ahyeon’s return, resulting in a fuller sound.

“Our handling of high notes, especially during climactic moments, has improved, so we hope fans will take notice,” she added.

K-pop girl group Babymonster is seen in this photo provided by YG Entertainment. (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap)
K-pop girl group Babymonster is seen in this photo provided by YG Entertainment. (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap)

The album has already been met with global attention as its teaser videos having garnered 85 million views on YouTube.

The septet is set to embark on a busy promotional schedule, including appearances on local TV music programs shows and meet-and-greet sessions for fans in five Asian countries, including Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore.

In August, the team will perform at Japan’s annual Summer Sonic music festival.

“We’re practicing a lot for the fan meetings because we want to put on a great show. I have high expectations for the events, and I’m eager to meet and connect with our fans,” Rora said.

Chiquita chimed in: “I’m so happy we’re having the fan meetings! I’m also incredibly excited to see my family in Thailand. It feels like a dream come true.”

Fresh off its full-group debut, the band is already dreaming big.

“I want to reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100 someday,” Rora said. Ruka, a Japanese member, then added, “I’d love to perform at Tokyo Dome in Japan.”

For Thai member Chiquita, her dream is to perform on the biggest stage in Thailand.

Rora also has a specific goal for the group. “While we received a best rookie award with ‘Batter Up’ last year, we’d love to secure another one this year.”