At 50 Years, CES Is a Show in Transition

January 31, 2017
Chloe Lee  Fairmont Prep  10th

Chloe Lee
Fairmont Prep

Consumer Electronic Show (CES), which has been a great platform for new innovation and technology, just occurred from January 5th to 8th. CES 2017 celebrated its 50th anniversary this year, and ironically saw a slight decrease in people’s excitement and overall attention. The convention is still well-attended by many people interested in the tech industry, but many visitors said that this year CES felt like a show in transition.

One of the biggest reasons why the show wasn’t as stunning this year, is because many of the larger name companies have stepped back from the show. Big name companies stopped coming to CES because they seek for bigger showcases in order to launch their new innovation to more targeted audience. However, CES was favored by smaller firms due to its causal, rather relaxed atmosphere.

Another reason why some companies opted out of CES 2017 is to use their own launch pad or event to announce their new innovation avoiding getting buried beneath the overwhelming announcements. This is often a strategy which a bigger company use to receive full attention from crowd, media, and customers. Although it may be a little disappointing to those tech fans that this year’ s CES was not as hyped as previous year’s, Consumer Electronic Show is definitely a showcase I would like to visit one day and experience the latest tech innovations with my hands.

However, I totally agreed with the article that the tech convention felt like a transitioning show due to overwhelming innovation that stretches our attention to many directions.


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    yes..I like the basic concepts behind Second Life but it seems incredibly outdated and when I played it was intensely non-intuitive / user friendly to an extent that made EVE look like a game for toddlers. thanks from