2014 Forbes College Rankings

August 1, 2014

1-Williams College, 2-Stanford, 7-Harvard, 8-Pomona College, 21-Caltech,  44-UCLA

(CNS) – Pomona College officials were in a celebratory mood today after the campus was again named one of the top 10 colleges in the country by Forbes magazine.

The tiny liberal arts college dropped from last year’s second-place ranking, but it still landed a top-10 spot at number eight, just behind Harvard and just ahead of the United States Military Academy and Amherst College.

Pomona College Vice President and Chief Communications Officer Marylou Ferry said that despite the drop in ranking, the school is still thrilled to be recognized for its accomplishments.

“I think we are in really great company,” Ferry said. “We are delighted to have Pomona’s academics and students and faculty recognized in that group.”

According to Forbes, its college rankings are based on a variety of factors including graduation rates, student satisfaction and post-graduation employment.

The magazine noted that Pomona College, with just more than 1,600 students, boasts an 89 percent graduation rate, a 7-to-1 student to faculty ratio and a 97 percent student retention rate.

Ferry said that although Pomona College isn’t as well known as Harvard or Yale, its reputation continues to grow as graduates move into the workforce.

“As more and more of our graduates are recognized for really incredible accomplishments … Pomona gets that word of mouth,” Ferry said. “We might not always be that household name, but that quality is coming through and the personal endorsements are starting to grow.”

Elsewhere in the Southland, Caltech dropped two spots this year to 21st while UCLA ranked 44th and USC ranked 78th.

Williams College in Massachusetts took the top spot this year, followed by Stanford University, Swarthmore College, Princeton University, MIT and Yale.

 2014 Forbes College Rankings

1. Williams College
2. Stanford
3. Swarthmore College
4. Princeton
5. MIT
6. Yale
7. Harvard
8. Pomona College
9. United States Military Academy
10. Amherst College

21. Caltech
37. UC Berkeley
44. UCLA
78. USC









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