10 best EXO-M moments

April 3, 2014

Gather ’round, Exotics!

In preparation of the six-member K-Pop sensation’s arrival to this year’s The Korea Times’ Korean Music Festival, here’s ten moments — out of millions — that made us fall in love with EXO-M.

1. When they scared us with freaky face paint in “Mama.”

EXO-M's "Mama"

EXO-M’s “Mama”

Even Kris couldn’t pull this off.


2. And when they went on to sweep the charts with the song.

EXO-M is a sub-unit of the larger EXO, but they’re also a force of their own. China fell in love with them after they dropped “Mama” in 2012, eventually awarding them Most Popular Group at the Top Chinese Music Awards 2013.


3. When they howled for “Wolf.”

It was part-wild and part-a-little-too-much-WTF, but EXO is EXO, and we’ll never get to see Xiumin look this fierce with black nails ever again.


4. And took over the world with “Growl.”

Yeah, that one’s not leaving your head for a while.


5. When Kris wore this outfit to the airport.

Photo - KriScorpio

Photo – KriScorpio

And sent all the ahjummas home crying because he stole their pants.


6. When Luhan looked like an anime character.

Photo - Ivy Club

Photo – Ivy Club

As in, always. All the time. Forever.


7. When Lay — oh, forget it. DIMPLE.

Photo - khunnieeee

Photo – khunnieeee

Your face, sir.


8. When Tao kind of resembled a serial killer.

EXO-M's "History"

EXO-M’s “History”

Of your heart.


9. When Xiumin took this selca.

Photo - Naver Starcast

Photo – Naver Starcast



10. When you heard Chen’s voice for the first time.

And you started wishing you had a Chen to sing you to sleep every night.


It’s not too late to grab tickets to KMF! Head over to ktmf.koreatimes.com or The Korea Times offices located at 4525 Wilshire Blvd. For more information, call (323) 692-2055.


  1. sunnysidetong

    April 3, 2014 at 11:57 AM

    EXO!!clamation…Let’s go hooray bowl first…yeah!!!

  2. christina

    April 6, 2014 at 10:50 AM

    Definitely excited! (Although, please refrain from calling EXO fans “exotics”; it’s not the official fan name and many people find offense to that word. Thanks)