Wife’s debts speculated to be behind Kim Gu-ra’s panic disorder

December 19, 2014

Checked into a hospital after receiving a notice of asset seizure, according to various reports


Kim Gu-ra (NEWSis)

By Tae Hong

Kim Gu-ra, the popular but often controversial South Korean television host best known for his MC gigs on ‘Radio Star” and “Ssulzun,” checked into a hospital yesterday for panic disorder after receiving a notice of asset seizure, EDaily reported Friday in Korea.

According to EDaily, Kim’s wife, known only as Lee, guaranteed her relatives’ debts and, in an effort to solve the issue, borrowed from friends and took out private loans without Kim’s knowledge.

When Kim found out about two years ago, the debt was around $1.7 to $1.8 million, sources said.

Lee’s debt guarantees have been mentioned several times on-air jokingly by Kim, who sources say openly discussed the issue with colleagues and staff.

About seven months ago, Kim was diagnosed with panic disorder. He complained of chest pain Thursday before checking into a hospital.

Line Entertainment, his agency, said Kim has recently been struggling with stress and insomnia. Line said his doctors have recommended he stay in the hospital to prevent worse symptoms.