Variety of summer programs available for Korean American youth

June 25, 2015
Photo of NCLC class (Courtesy of KCLA)

Photo of a National College Leadership Conference class (Courtesy of the Korean American Coalition of Los Angeles)

By Kim Chul-soo, Angelina Widener

A variety of summer programs aimed at developing knowledge of core subjects and leadership skills are being held around the U.S. targeted towards Korean American youth.


The Korean American Coalition of Los Angeles (KACLA) aims to improve the leadership skills of 1.5 and second generation Korean American college-aged students.

KACLA is responsible for organizing the 35th National College Leadership Conference, which will be held in Paradise Springs of Valyermo, Calif.

It will run from June 22-26. More information can be found here.

Speakers at the conference include Susan Ahn Cuddy, daughter of Korean independence activist Ahn Changho, her son Philip “Flip” Cuddy, Mayor of La Palma Peter Kim and actor Ki Hong Lee among many others who are leaders in their respective fields.


The Korean Resource Center (KRC) is also organizing a summer leadership camp from June 22-29.

The goal of the program is to teach the importance of civil participation to Korean American college students and youth.

“This program is for AAPI [Asian American and Pacific Islander] students to talk about issues such as immigration reform, social justice and segregation. It is also a campaign to foster the next generation of leaders,” Jonathan Baek a KRC coordinator said. “It is also an opportunity to understand more deeply the community.”


The Korean Education Center of Los Angeles (KECLA) is holding its own program that includes both a leadership camp and a Korean history class with a trivia competition.

There will be three sessions held for the leadership camp and history class in Los Angeles, Orange County and Las Vegas from July 14-31.

Details can be found here.


In addition, the Koreatown Youth Community Center (KYCC) is holding a summer camp for children who are in kindergarten to the fifth grade until August 7 at Wilshire Park Elementary School.

Participants of the camp can receive home tutoring and a variety of group activities recommended by the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and learn about social behaviors, problem solving through teamwork, age development education.

Students participating in the program will also get to attend exhibitions and theater presentations at the California Science Center and Los Angeles Zoo.


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