U.S. and Greece‘at their best since the Second World War’

October 23, 2017

by Jonathan Lee / Pilgrim School12th grade

President Trump and Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras expressed mutual trust and respect in a joint press conference held at the White House’s Rose Garden on Tuesday, October 17. Both leaders underscored their willingness to cooperate in the near future.

Their accord marks a dramatic improvement in US-Greece relations, which Prime Minister Tsipras described as “at their best since the Second World War.” Such a statement was unexpected, given Tsipras’ previous description of Trump as “pure evil,” made during Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

The Prime Minister emphasized his reformed perception of the president, citing the United States’ potential for positive intervention as hugely significant to the well-being of Greece. The United States will be honored at the International Fair of Thessaloniki during September in 2018 in accordance with this claim.

According to President Trump, many American companies plan to invest in Greek businesses, thereby invigorating the economies of both nations. Members of the Trump administration plan to improve the air force of Greece by upgrading its F-16 fighter jet.

Trump said that “this agreement to strengthen the Hellenic Air Force is worth up to $2.4 billion and would generate thousands of American jobs.”

The Greek purchase of Boeing planes is also climbing, nurturing greater commerce between the two nations. Both leaders conveyed confidence in the bond between the two countries, which resulted from a discussion between the two that Trump described as “very productive.”

In this discussion, future cooperation between the United States and Greece was made evident, as both powers hold similar views on national defense, energy, and trade.

Such cooperation is especially valuable to Greece, which was afflicted by an economic crisis in the recent past.

Tsipras stated that “support provided by the U.S. to Greece and to the Greek people during the hard times of the economic crisis” was significant in alleviating this economic destabilization.

But the vastly positive relation between the two nations was not only established through sociopolitical actions. Throughout the conference, President Trump emphasized the cultural import of Greece, citing Greek ideals such as liberty and democracy as critical to the very foundation of the United States.

“Greece is a cradle of Western civilization- so true-of democracy, literature, philosophy, science, and so much else,” stated Trump. The American people, he said, looked upon these values in awe and owed much to Greek heritage. Consequently, citizens of both nations can expect constructive partnership in the near future.

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