Tijuana trip leaves indelible impact on pre-med students

June 13, 2016

p06-umOn March 19, 2016, nine members of Global Youth Mission visited the Refugio la Esperanza Rehabilitation Center to assist a doctor with his patients. This proved to be an amazing educational experience, especially for prospective pre-med students. Standing by his side, they were given the opportunity to observe the patients and their various conditions; these included a leg so swollen it retained the forms of even the slightest pressure points, a tic disorder so severe the patient had to wear a helmet and protective gear at all times, various epileptic conditions, an extreme buildup of earwax, a burst eardrum, and a hernia. However, since the doctor was not licensed to fully practice in Mexico, he was limited to mere observation and distribution of over-the-counter medications.

The students were therefore restricted to just handing out the occasional Advil or bandage. Also, having served two hot dogs for each patient, there was no food left afterwards for the volunteers. According to Kenny Um, one of the few who decided to visit the rehabilitation center, “I wish we were able to participate more and do more activities.” Despite these setbacks, however, the GYM members agreed that the trip was a great experience, especially because they were given the opportunity to see things they could not see otherwise. The satisfaction of helping those who really needed it also encouraged many students to show interest in coming back.

This was evident in the enthusiasm they showed at the end, when they planned for the next trip. Countless suggestions for the improvement of the rehabilitation center itself were made, such as repainting the walls and buildings sturdier cover for the buildings. Overall, the general consensus was that the trip was a great experience, and everyone looked forward to being able to come back to Mexico in a few months.

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