Thousands sign online petition to oust Lee Byung-hun, Han Hyo-joo from ads

September 19, 2014
A screen capture of the campaign.

A screen capture of the campaign.

An online signature campaign in South Korea to oust Lee Byung-hun from advertising endorsements has put Lee’s company colleague, Han Hyo-joo, into hot water as well, WOWTV reported.

As of Saturday in Korea, the campaign has received about 5,590 signatures, well over its 2,000 goal.

“We can choose not to watch movies or dramas, but it’s very dissatisfying when to see Lee Byung-hun in advertisements without intention,” the campaign reads.

It requests for all products using Lee as an endorsement model to halt all advertisements — cellphones, coffees, markets, car engine oils.

Netizens are also requesting ads featuring Han — who is managed by the same company as Lee — to come down. Rumors that Han’s brother, who is serving his mandatory military service, was involved in a violent incident seems to have brought on backlash against the actress.