The Significance of Protests and Why They Should Not Be Restricted

October 3, 2016
Chloe Lee  Fairmont Preparatory Academy  10th Grade

Chloe Lee
Fairmont Preparatory Academy
10th Grade

There are major and minor protests happening everyday in the world, whether it is done through social media or as a group along the roads.

However, when government or police are oppressing these complaints in a violent manner, bigger arguments develop. For example, over the weekend, I read a news article about a black woman who posted a video of herself painting her body in white paint in an attempt to protest police shootings of black people. Her video was posted on her Facebook account and soon it was removed by Facebook.

The fact that Facebook forcefully removed her video is also heating people’s discussion. Protesters will always protest using any possible communication method ? whether it is legal or not-to voice their opinion. If there are laws strictly controlling them, protests will only get more aggressive.

Thus, any protest should be allowed because it unites people around issues, it brings change, and there are constitutional laws which support protesting. First, protesting creates unity among civilians.

In a multinational country, issues related to environment, freedom of expression, corruption and criminal behavior can affect anyone regardless of their race, gender, age, or religion. To protesters, this can be an inspiring knowledge because they realize people with different identities are fighting for common concerns and for a better future.

Therefore, protests bring unity among citizens because underneath all the social background which make each person unique, they fight for one desired outcome. Next, one of the biggest benefits a protest can result in is essential changes in legislation.

Martin Luther King Jr., who spent many years advocating for equality and freedom, once stated, “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.” Although some protests can bring negative changes, Chloe Lee protests are needed to promote change.

When citizens never speak about any problems or complaint, no changes occur in society; there is no improvement. Lastly, there are constitutional laws which support protest. The First Amendment of the Bill of Rights protects freedom of speech. This allows and encourages citizens to voice their thoughts. It is true that there are laws which restrict protesting behavior, but peaceful and vital protests should occur, knowing their constitutional basis.

Standing up to voice your opinion is challenging, and it takes courage for protesters. Even though some protests can be more spontaneous than those planned, protesters put their time and effort to speak their thoughts, and inform the ignorant. Their bravery should be respected and recognized, not oppressed.

Moreover, for the development of the nation, citizens’ voices need to be heard. Thus, any protests should be allowed, because it brings unity among citizens, it can create change, and there are constitutional laws which protect citizens’ right to protest.

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